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Ayurveda Dosha Kapha Bracelet

Ayurveda Dosha Kapha Bracelet

The Ayurveda range is designed to support the three Dosha types and balance the negative attributes whilst supporting the positive aspects.

Kapha types are prone to sluggish digestion, leading to a laziness and unhealthy patterns of behaviour and low moods.  They tend to be possessive and find it hard to let go of things, be that people or physical possessions.  Physically, Kapha types are prone to colds, congestion, sinus headaches and respiratory issues.

Kapha bracelets are designed using lepidolite to balance negative feelings, sunstone to encourage exercise, rose quartz to combat possessive behaviour and heal emotions, smokey quartz to help with letting go of things that no longer serve you, chrysocolla to support the lungs, ruby zoisite to support the heart and clear quartz, a general healer and amplifier of other crystals.

Brand: Karma Feeling

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