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Design Your Own Bracelet

Design by Feeling/Emotion:

If you choose this option you’ll find a list of feelings, emotions, things you want to attract and parts of the body that some crystals are said to be aligned to.  Choose six that apply to you and we’ll make you a prescription bracelet that’s designed to support you.

Design by Crystal Type:

You can read our 'Crystals and their meanings' section to read up on the different stones we offer.  Make a note of the six that you like and go to the ‘Design your own bracelet’ page and use the drop downs to design your own bracelet.  Alternatively you can just pick the colours you like.
Design by Crystal Type
If you've had a read through the 'Crystals and their meanings' section and know which stones you wan..
Design by Feeling/Emotion
You can choose your own stones using the drop down lists which contain some popular emotions, t..