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Meditation Bracelet

Meditation Bracelet

Our meditation bracelet is designed with crystals to help you focus and centre.

After plenty of research, we decided upon the following crystals:

Amethyst to calm and centre your mind, enhance visualisation and release negativity.

Aquamarine to quieten the mind and help self awareness.

Carnelian clears extraneous thoughts and helps to focus your mind on your higher goals.

Fluorite clears confusion and negativity and aids concentration.

Labradorite deepens your meditations and raises conciousness.

Moonstone promotes calm and peace of mind.  It also helps you to recieve direction from your unconcious mind and encourages self reflection.

Clear (Mystic) Quartz brings mental clarity, activates all levels of conciousness and helps you to program your intention.

Brand: Karma Feeling

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