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Ayurveda Dosha Vata Bracelet

Ayurveda Dosha Vata Bracelet

The Ayurveda range is designed to support the three Dosha types and balance the negative attributes whilst supporting the positive aspects .

Vata types are prone to over-thinking, self-blame, worry and racing, disjointed thoughts.  They can be impulsive and often overspend.  Physically, Vata types are prone to dry skin and hair and can often suffer from anxiety.

Vata bracelets are designed using lepidolite to balance negative feelings and anxiousness, watermelon tourmaline to combat worry, rose quartz to stop self-blame, blue lace agate to help with dry skin and hair, amethyst for over-thinking, black onyx to help combat fear and clear quartz, a general healer and amplifier of other crystals.

Brand: Karma Feeling

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