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Jewellery Aftercare

All bracelets are made using strong stretch wire. They’re really robust, but to keep them looking nice, we strongly recommend you don’t wear them to swim, shower or bathe.  When taking them off (and putting them back on), we recommend that you roll them over the hand rather than pulling them – it means that the wire isn’t stretched as much.

Crystals absorb the energy of the person wearing them.  If you’ve bought your bracelets for holistic reasons and you want to cleanse their energy on occasion, we recommend leaving them on a windowsill overnight in the moonlight, or you could buy some Sage incense and douse them in the smoke it gives off (please note that Sage leaves, either dried or otherwise won’t work, but they might make a mess of your bracelet).

Should you damage your bracelet, we do offer a ‘rebuild service’ from £7 plus postage, provided you send back all of the pieces back to us.  If you lose the charm or any of the crystals, then additional charges will apply.

Click here for our rebuild & resize service