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How To Make Your Bracelet

Want one?  You have 3 options to choose from.

Prescription Bracelets:
If you choose this option you’ll find a list of feelings, emotions, things you want to attract and parts of the body that some crystals are said to be aligned to.  Choose six that apply to you and we’ll make you a prescription bracelet that’s designed to support you.

Click Here For Prescription Bracelets

Design your own Bracelet:
You can read our 'Crystals and their meanings' section to read up on the different stones we offer.  Make a note of the six that you like and go to the ‘Design your own bracelet’ page and use the drop downs to design your own bracelet.  Alternatively you can just pick the colours you like.
Click Here To Design Bracelet

Ready to wear Bracelets:
We’ve chosen a few popular things that people want support for and made a range of 'Ready to wear' bracelets.  They range from bracelets to help attract love into your life to muse bracelets for people needing a creativity boost.
Click Here For Ready To Wear

Finishing your Bracelet:

Once you’ve made / chosen your bracelet you then need to pick your size.
Small – 19cm
Medium – 21cm
Large – 24cm

Measure your wrist.  The sizes above can vary very slightly and are the length / circumference of the bracelet.  Always bear in mind that you have to roll them over your hand and whilst there is a small amount of give, they're pretty strong and don't stretch too much.  If you've got big hands and small wrists then you might want to measure your hand as it would be when you roll the bracelet over it just to be certain.  Message us if you're not sure or want any help, we're nice like that.


Finally, choose whether you want a charm (which dangles down) or a flat bead.  They’re both made from solid silver.  We refer to them as Male and Female charms, however, don't let this deter you - pick the charm you prefer.