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About Karma Feeling

We are a healthy lifestyle brand, based in Yorkshire.  We sell crystal healing jewellery, eco candles and organic clothing. Everything we sell is made with love, positive vibes and with the greater good in mind.

We launched in 2013 with our ‘design your own’ crystal bracelet service which gives people the ability to design their own unique piece of jewellery using our crystal prescription lists.  A range of ‘ready to wear’ men’s and women’s bracelet collections followed for those who wanted a piece of jewellery for a specific purpose along with our Angel Wing Rosary beads.

Handmade soy eco candles were added to the range in 2014.  We love candles but didn’t want to burn ones that were made from paraffin and might contain nasty stuff like lead and parabens.  We also care passionately about animals and wanted to make sure that no ingredients had been tested on them.   We now hand-make all of our candles ourselves so we know what’s in them and they smell  lush!

Our newest addition to the brand is our clothing range.  We love a good tee and tote but the fashion industry is sadly renowned for damaging the environment and not being particularly nice to its employees.  It took us a while but we found the perfect products which are organic, don’t affect the environment and are fair trade. We are assured that all the people who work hard to make them are given decent pay and do not work excessive hours.  Some items, like out slogan totes, are made from recycled organic cotton and plastic – even better for the planet!

Thanks for taking the time to visit our site, we hope you have a very lovely day!

Team KF xx

Important notice - Karma Feeling have to point out that our crystal jewellery is not to be used as a replacement for help and treatment from a qualified medical or mental health professional and should not be used as such.