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Unity Unity Unity Unity


Our Unity range is designed with couples in mind.  They make a stylish and unique gift for couples getting married, getting engaged, celebrating an anniversary, or just because you feel like it. 

The crystals used have been specifically chosen to support a happy and healthy relationship.  Whether you want a male and female combination, or a male / male, or female / female combo for civil partnerships and weddings, the choice is yours.  As with all Karma Feeling bracelets, they come in 3 sizes and each bracelet has a solid silver Karma Feeling charm.

The crystals used in each bracelet represent the key ingredients to a successful relationship and are as follows;

Black Onyx is the stone of commitment
Blue Lace Agate for Communication, honesty and Unity
Moonstone for Empathy and Openness
Garnet for Compassion, Intimacy and stability
Lapis Lazuli for Faithfulness, respect and friendship
Red Tiger Eye for passion and sex drive

All you have to do is pick which size and gender your want for each bracelet and they are packaged together in a lovely presentation box with a description of what the stones do!  Trust us, you’ll love them and so will the people you buy them for!

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